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Yes, unfortunately.

I won’t be stopping this blog completely, but I will be updating once or twice every month, like I do now, except in longer posts.

I’ll be setting up a new, personal blog with my real name in it and everything, but the one I have now will be, yeah, monthly.

iOS8! I downloaded it yesterday, and I really like the new keyboard. It’s kind of like the newer Android and or Samsung tablets. I really want those swipe keyboard, where you can swipe the keys like in Android and Amazon tablets.

My dad bought my grandma an Amazon Kindle, and she can swipe the keys. That’s why I like using her tablet so much lol

What I really want is a laptop or desktop PC, but my dad thinks I’m not ready. I’m totally ready. I was BORN ready!

I think.

If you have any questions for this blog, you can email them here.

If you have any questions about my new blog and would like the link, you can email them here.

Thank you for listening to me ramble about electronic devices and swipe-y keyboards!

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Huge Post and Vaca Update


Minty here and omg I’m so thirsty.

I’m making a game! I know, I know.
Au first I was gonna do it with WordPress but now I’m gonna make an actual frickin game! I dunno what Imma call it but oooh it’s gonna be really fun!

So hang on to your… hands!

Second. Today is August first (yay!) and I’m going to the Bahamas to visit my family on August second (WOOO)

I’ll still be updating and I’ll try to post pictures of what it looks like.
Though no pictures of me. :3 sorry.

My aunt and uncle have wifi in their big old mansion with the huge backyard where if you’re lucky you can see a lizard and the flowers which are so beautiful and amazing looking but make me sneeze. I’ll show pictures of the huge backyard where if you’re lucky you can see a lizard and the flowers which are so beautiful and amazing looking but make me sneeze. Okay?

I’ve started a blog about stuff with my BFF, so check out

It’s awesome and there are all sorts of fun crafts and tips and advice and drawing tutorials and ooh.

Did I tell you guys that I got a drawing tablet? Well, I did. It’s a gorg Wacom Intuos. It works beautifully. My drawing beauty has increased by soo much.
My shading, my highlighting, the new programs, new effects, ahhhhh they’re just so amazing.

The animating program I have got deleted, sadly, but I might ask my dad if I can download again. I’m also wondering if he’ll et me have SAI. You can download it off of websites.

I also have a and sometimes I will post times that you can watch me draw! BUT EHMAGERD

I am exhausted.

I also just had a YouTube iPad MLP marathon and Twilight got her castle and adshidhfj the CMC need to get their cutie marked and oh my Tirek and ahhhh

If you like I can post about something. I’ve been bored lately.

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So I can totally blog regularly again.
Anyone here play FreePlay? Maybe add my town. We both benefit! 😉

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Sorry for the Inactivity..

I hope you all know that i am perfectly intact, I’ve just been in trouble, lately and haven’t been able to come ln. Sorry. Im still in trouble. If you were asking.

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New Song ?!

I’m writing a song called The Warriors Oath based off of a poem by an unknown author. It’s an oath for Warrior Cats. I’ve basically added the tune and changed only a few words. I’ll be uploading the song on my channel, and it will be accompanied by an animation, if I can find the time to animate. Anyways, I’m not dead 🙂
Byezy bye

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How You Doin’?

I had went to my best friend’s house for her birthday party, and her name is Fleet Katz. We had so much fun, and I got back home at midnight, since her house was far and there was traffic (that late ohmituna). So yesh I would have posted earlier but before yesterday we went out for the whole day p. My life ish so busy :3

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So I was just playing Minion Rush lol I love that game, especially how it gets faster o.o I accidentally jumped over a fire bowl and burnt my poor wittle minion fwiend.

Guys, seriously check links so I can give you da Iink to mah game.
I love my little corners of the internet :3

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I am so special :3

Dad bought me a red velvet cupcake with vanilla bean icing. I love it. And we’re having Chinese food for dinner, you know those unbelievably yummy Chinese noodles? And Chinese fried rice too. Yummeh yummeh in mah tummeh. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, been so busy with school and every single wittle ting. I can show you some drawings to make up for lost time. In fact, I’ll make you a drawings page!

EDIT: Okay, I made you guys the drawing page. And Level 1 is finally done. It took me forever to get it right. Level 1 is now pretty much ready for gameplay.. I have a high muse right now but I still don’t know what to do for Level 2 though I have a faint idea. Anyway yeah.

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Me and Mini Kitty are both in my room right now, Mini was watching me draw some adoptables for an adoptables page I could possibly be doing soon.. So yes. 😛 I haven’t had enough muse lately to start on Level 2 of the game, so yes. I’ll blog more later.

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What’s Up?

Hey! I have an app. (I think I mentioned that already)

The first level of Katmint! The Game has finally been completed and I added the registration form. I gotta add that to my links page.. Did I you know, that I have a blog function on my new app! So you can totally read my blog on the go and stuff, and it looks way more awesome then on the boring WordPress app. I am ordering gently persuading you do get the app right now in your own, sweet time. There’s a social network on there..*eye twitches* A SOCIAL NETWORK, OKAY!

Now I gotta work on Katmint! The Game Level 2.. I have nothing exciting to do with that lol someone get my muse train going.. It’s broken down.

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